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Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry

We were made to worship! All through out the bible, the people were called to – commanded to, even – worship Him!

Worshipping God goes beyond the singing and the dancing. Worship is praising God and glorifying Him through all that we do, how we live, how we commune with our brothers and sisters, what we think. All based on the truth and the gospel.

SP’s worship ministry exists to lead and assist the congregation in corporate worship as a body of Christ. Our purpose is to ultimately and fully bring all glory, honour and praise to our one true God, to Jesus our saviour. For who He is, for what He has done, and for what He will do!

Interested to Join Worship Team?

If you have a heart and passion for worship, and you’ve been blessed with some musical talents, we want to meet you! Please fill up this form, or contact Bryan at God Bless!